Booking Options

...Though I hate to make a choice

We offer four distinct show formats, designed to suit different venues and audiences; whether you want just Police, a more Sting-oriented show, or a mixture of the two. All four formats are available as a three-piece band, and we also have one solo option available. We can tailor our show to your requirements, and if you need advice about which format would suit your event, please do contact us.

The Police Academy

Our original format, going strong for over a decade, The Police Academy offers 100% pure Police for an authentic tribute experience. Fantastic for festivals, and great for music venues, this is the most exciting format we offer. A 90-minute show typically includes all fourteen original UK top 20 Police singles, plus a selection of fan-favourite album tracks. A shorter ‘hits only’ set of 45–60 minutes works perfectly for festivals, and a longer 90-minute set (or two 45-minute sets) is a great choice for rock-oriented music venues. The whole band are always in full costume and in character as Sting, Andy and Stewart.


The Sting Operation

The Sting Operation presents the best of Sting’s solo career, from 1985’s The Dream of the Blue Turtles through to 2016’s 57th & 9th, together with a selection of Police favourites. Just like The Police Academy, The Sting Operation is great for festivals and music venues—with the added bonus of 100% hits, with no album tracks. However, The Sting Operation also suits more relaxed settings such as restaurants, where the set can be geared more around ballads and quieter songs. Unlike the other formats—which are only available as a full band—The Sting Operation also is available as a solo act (with live vocals, bass and guitar), which is suitable for smaller restaurants, hotels, and parties. Pete is always in costume and in character as Sting.


STINGchronicity: The Story of Sting & The Police

Our newest option, STINGchronicity, sees The Police Academy and The Sting Operation formats combine to create a unique theatre show telling the story of Sting’s career, starting with the early days of The Police, charting their rise and fall, through to Sting’s highly successful solo period in the ’80s and ’90s, and The Police’s eventual reunion in 2007. This show is designed specifically for theatres, and includes multiple costume changes as well as video interludes, for a fully immersive experience.


The Police Academy+ The Sting Operation

A variation on the STINGchronicity format that is suitable for club venues, The Police Academy and The Sting Operation can be booked together for 50/50 show of Police classics and solo Sting hits—wall-to-wall hits with no album tracks. The Sting Operation open the show with a set of Sting’s solo favourites, and The Police Academy then get everyone on their feet to wrap up proceedings.